Agathodaimon Print

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Agathodaimon means “noble spirit” in Greek, and is considered to be a personal guiding spirit.

In this image, the Agathodaimon is depicited as the Lion-Serpent. It is a chimera and a composite image, much like the highly-misunderstood Baphomet, which symbolises the reconciliation of opposites.

Here, the serpentine tail represents the receptive principle of the fixed water sign of the zodiac—Scorpio, united with the active principle of the fixed fire sign—Leo, illustrated by the lion’s head. Their zodiacal opposites are earth and air. Thus, it is also a symbol of the conjoined elements, and the completed alchemical process in which the vessel has been purified, the mystical kundalini has risen, and the guiding spirit of matter has been integrated.

The Lion-Serpent is known by names such as Chnoubis, Kneph, and Ialdabaoth; and also takes similar forms in Serapis, Aion, and Abraxas. To Plato, it was the benevolent creator god (known as the Demiurge, meaning “artisan”) from Timaeus.

Abraxas stones often featured the Lion-Serpent too, and carved into the stones were often seven rays or stars (depicting the classical planets and the colours of the rainbow), as well as a sun and moon glyph to symbolise the union of the conscious and the subconscious.

Foiled print run limited to 49. Available in full-bleed A4 sized prints with gold foiled stars on 350 gsm paper.

Please note that colours may appear slightly different in real life vs. on a screen.

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