The Cherubim Print

The Cherubim Print

The Cherubim are often depicted as having body parts resembling humans and animals. It is theorised that the Sphinx of Ancient Egypt is a Cherub, as well as the Lamassu of Ancient Sumer. These protective beings were said to be the inspiration for creating the stereotypical image of an angel as being a beautiful human with wings.

The four faces described in biblical texts represent the fixed signs of the zodiac, as well as the corresponding elements. It is said that a Cherub moves like a flash of lightning and that their role is to guard the Garden of Eden. This is why similar statues are often placed around temple entrances to protect holy ground.

These beings are said to be great sources of divine knowledge, wisdom and protection.

Available in signed 21cm x 21cm sized prints. These are digitally printed on uncoated, 100% recycled 200-250 gsm paper.

Please note that colours may appear slightly different in real life vs. on a screen.


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Meet the angels of the Shem HaMephorash

Derived from the Book of Exodus by medieval Kabbalists; each print in The Angels of the First Sphere collection has a sigil of an angel from the corresponding choir printed in the corner.

Vehuiah “The Exalting God”

Order: The Seraphim

Powers: The expansion of consciousness, aids enlightenment, improves willpower, aids understanding of sciences

Hahaiah “God The Refuge”

Order: The Cherubim

Powers: Overcoming adversity, inspiring calm & peace, influencing wise & spiritual people, helping those in need

Lauviah “The Marvellous God”

Order: The Thrones

Powers: Helps against sadness, encourages peaceful sleep, inspires love for music, poetry, literature & philosophy

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