Collective & Events

What is the collective?

The Temple of Heresy Collective is a growing list of global artists, all with a focus on producing divinely-inspired works.

Being global and mostly online, although we may sometimes work and create together, we do not operate as a traditional art collective.

The aim of the collective is to uplift and spotlight Temple of Heresy’s collaborators especially through these challenging times in the world, to promote unity through diversity of individual creative expression, and to promote more beauty—particularly in but not limited to—online occulture.

This page, the email list, and Temple of Heresy’s social media accounts will be kept updated regularly with activity from the artists listed here—so you can discover their events, stalls, exhibitions, performances and workshops, as well as exciting and enchanting new projects.

In the near future, Temple of Heresy also plans to host local events of its own, so please subscribe to the mailing list if you wish to be kept up to date on the progress of this project.

The artists

  • A photo of Toziel Obscuris.

    Toziel Obscuris

    Toziel is an artist and occultist in the American southwest. He has twenty years experience in the occult arts with a focus on Tarot and Astrology.

    Toziel uses artwork as a method to detail his journey and growth through spiritual and occult pursuits so that he may have a visual aid to inspire and move others to new heights.

    His artwork, Tarot and Astrology services are all available for purchase on his website.

  • A photo of Sammi Walters.

    Sammi Walters

    As well as being the creator of Temple of Heresy, Sammi is also a freelance web designer & graphic artist and a practitioner of magick, with a particular interest in Thelema.

    Sammi is currently working towards the curation and facilitation of local artistic events in northern England, as well as establishing a space for in-person magickal study and practice lessons, and group rituals.

Upcoming events