What is the collective?

The Temple of Heresy Esoteric Art Collective is a small list of global artists, all ritual magicians, and all with a focus on producing divinely-inspired works.

Being global and mostly online, although we may sometimes work and create together, we do not operate as a traditional art collective.

The aim of the collective is to spotlight and support Temple of Heresy’s collaborators as they work on their own individual forms of artistic expression, as well as when we work on projects together. We also stock some of collective’s material offerings.

This page, the email list, and Temple of Heresy’s social media accounts will be kept updated regularly with activity from the artists listed here—so you can discover their events, stalls, exhibitions, performances and workshops, as well as exciting and enchanting new projects.

Temple of Heresy also hosts events, so subscribe to the mailing list if you wish to be kept up to date via email.

The artists

  • A photo of Tom Clements.

    Tom Clements

    Hertfordshire, UK

    Tom is a musician, occultist and writer from Hertfordshire, UK. His magickal practice involves Typhonian Gnosis and Psychogeographic mysticism.

    Tom harnesses the power of sound to explore the atavistic depths of life, the universe and everything. With a passion for pushing sonic boundaries and delving into the realms of drone metal and progressive sludge, amongst other genres, Tom has crafted a unique musical journey that intertwines darkness, mysticism, and transcendence through the various projects he has been involved in.

    His writings have been published in various occult journals such as TUMZANTORUM and LAM The Way: A Psychonauts’ Workbook.

  • A photo of Leela DeLieto.

    Leela DeLieto

    Feral Nomad, sometimes Colorado, USA

    Leela is a ritual artist, feral mystic, creative threshold mentor & professional silly-goose. She likes to puncture linear time and invite people into their chaos, emotivity, and wild expression through guided art ritual sessions.

    She has a background in tantra, advaita vedanta, somatic embodiment work, and is a student of ceremonial magick.

    She pulls from her own lived experience and Living Wisdom lineages to assist others in discovering the untapped power and agency within through art and erotic embodiment.

  • A photo of Star Sapphire.

    Star Sapphire

    San Francisco, USA

    Star Sapphire is a San Francisco born and based performer. She loves art and counterculture and allows it to deeply influence her own art and dance.

    A thelemite and magician both on and off stage, she uses burlesque as an expression of the divine. She calls this “Stage Magick”, playing up on the name given to illusionary performance and adding the “k” to the end of the word magic, popularised by Crowley to differentiate the two. However, this is real magick in the form of striptease.

  • A photo of Toziel Obscuris.

    Toziel Obscuris

    Arizona, USA

    Toziel is an artist and occultist in the American southwest. He has twenty years experience in the occult arts with a focus on Tarot and Astrology.

    Toziel uses artwork as a method to detail his journey and growth through spiritual and occult pursuits so that he may have a visual aid to inspire and move others to new heights.

    His artwork, Tarot and Astrology services are all available for purchase on his website.

  • A photo of Sammi Walters.

    Sammi Walters

    Sheffield, UK

    As well as being the creator and curator of Temple of Heresy, Sammi is also a web designer & graphic artist, and a practitioner of magick with a particular interest in Thelema.

    Sammi specialises in creating talismanic art and works inspired by the experiences induced by her practice. She is also working towards the facilitation of occult art events in Northern England, and currently hosts them online through Temple of Heresy.

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