Krampus Night Occult Market

Find magickal Christmas gifts for all the naughty people in your life, crafted by artists and makers worldwide.

This online event hosted by Temple of Heresy will take place on Facebook and Instagram on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December 2022—the weekend before Krampus Night.

Discover global occult artists, esoteric jewellers & metalsmiths, tarot makers, authors and crafty people of all kinds. We will also be hosting a giveaway, flash sales, and free one-card tarot pulls.

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The vendors

  • A photo of Temple of Heresy products.

    Temple of Heresy

    Temple of Heresy is an occult art, apparel & accessories boutique by artist and designer Sammi Walters. All items are limited run.

  • A photo of Sphere of Saturn products.

    Sphere of Saturn

    A sister store to Temple of Heresy, selling a wider range of non-limited occult art prints, apparel and accessories on Etsy.

  • A photo of Sacred Smith Forge products.

    Sacred Smith Forge

    Occult and esoteric metalsmith working in precious metals, gems, copper, bronze, iron and steel. Available for bespoke commissions.

  • A photo of Wyrd Zine products.

    Wyrd Zine

    A5 zine publishing art and articles of contemporary shamanism, occult and high strangeness.

  • A photo of Moth and Mythos products.

    Moth and Mythos

    Moth and Mythos creates magick inspired paintings, illustrations and photographs. Her work is an attempt to open the veil momentarily and peak inside at the other realms.

  • A photo of Art by Leela products.

    Art by Leela

    Leela is offering co-creative photoshoots and metallic photography prints from her guided ritual art sessions.

  • A photo of Handmade by Iris products.

    Handmade by Iris

    Iris is a self-taught pyrography artist making handmade designs on keychains, wall-hangings, guitars, and other pieces. She also collects and creates hagstone necklaces.

  • A photo of Star Sapphire.

    Art Reiki Magick

    Star Sapphire of Art Reiki Magick will be offering long-distance Reiki packages at a special rate for Krampus Night Occult Market.

  • A photo of books by Anna McKerrow.

    Anna McKerrow

    Anna McKerrow is an author, tarot reader, Reiki Master and eclectic witch. She will be promoting a selection of her books at Krampus Night Occult Market.

  • A photo of Toziel’s artwork.

    Toziel’s Wonderhouse

    Inspired by matters of faith, psychology, spirituality, angels, astrology and the tarot, Toziel’s Wonderhouse offers a unique collection of art.

  • A photo of Jess Magick’s artwork.

    Jess Magick

    Jessica creates Thelemic Tarot & Talismanic Paintings. As the tradition of correspondences teaches, each painting has been crafted using specific colours at its own planetary hour, and the paint has been mixed with planetary-associated oils.

  • A photo of If We Can Sparkle’s products.

    If We Can Sparkle

    Magically prepared all natural incense, candles, and accessories for ritual and meditation.

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