The Serpent Path Print

The Tree of Life is an important glyph in ceremonial magick—it is laboriously studied and used as a map of reality by the magician.

And so, drawing a balance between aesthetic and information; this artwork was inspired by the serpent path on the Tree of Life—which is the path of gnosis, self-transformation and mysticism. The serpent is weaving up the tree to achieve union with the divine.

The goal was to create a diagram that was decorative but also showed details and correspondences that are a little more in-depth and perhaps a little harder to understand for the beginner; such as the Hebrew letters on the paths which correspond with the 22 cards in the major arcana, the three pillars, the parts of the soul, and the four worlds.

It is hoped that as well as being a decorative art piece, that it will also be a useful reference to help with study for anyone exploring the western esoteric tradition.

Available in A4 sized prints on uncoated 100% recycled 300 gsm paper. This open edition version does NOT have holographic details like the limited edition did.

Please note that colours may appear slightly different in real life vs. on a screen.


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