The Lesser Ritual of the Teletubbies Print

The Lesser Ritual of the Teletubbies Print

Originally created as a joke during a livestream in Marco Visconti’s Magick Without Tears Patreon group; this “artwork” was released on the Weird Wild Web, and went semi-viral in the online occult community, resulting in many requests for prints.

Temple of Heresy begrudgingly decided to fulfil these chaotic desires on April Fool’s Day 2022—and so an updated design will be available for one month only.

Temple of Heresy accepts no responsibility for what might ensue if chaotic magicians decide to try invoking Teletubbies.

10in x 10in giclée prints made on thick and durable matte archival, acid-free paper.

Please note that colours may appear slightly different in real life vs. on a screen.


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