The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram Print

The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram Print

The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram (depicted here, and drawn as if East was ahead to start before moving clockwise) is the first ritual learned by practitioners of ceremonial magick.

As a very basic rundown; the aim of this ritual is to separate our consciousness into quarters, so that we may invoke or banish elemental energies to achieve balance and master ourselves. The elements correspond with our thoughts, emotions, feelings and physical senses. The LRP is used to purify the temple space, both without and within, as well as creating a protective circle around ourselves.

Aspirants often spend a month solely banishing Earth which kickstarts an alchemical process; essentially clearing away the impurities, before moving onto invocation to assess and balance the other elements.

It’s a ritual that ideally should be performed twice a day, suggested in the morning and at night. We could think of it as spiritual hygiene.

10in x 10in giclée prints made on thick and durable matte archival, acid-free paper.

Please note that colours may appear slightly different in real life vs. on a screen.


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