The Wisdom of the Serpent

Venerating the initiator and liberator who asks us to “know thyself”, and uncoiling the mysteries of the serpent in the western esoteric tradition.

Foiled print

i. The Serpent Path Print

A decorative but information-dense art print of the serpent path on the Tree of Life; featuring the Briatic tree colouration, and diagrammatic details printed in holographic silver foil with the veils, pillars, corresponding Hebrew letters on the 22 paths, the four worlds, and parts of the soul depicted.

As well as being an art piece, it is hoped that it will also be a useful reference to help with study for anyone using the Tree of Life as a map of reality in their practice.

Available in A4 sized prints with holographic silver foiled details.

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Limited to 49

ii. Your Divinity Lies Within Tee

A collaboration piece featuring hand-lettering by artist Christophe Szpajdel. Christophe is the illustrator behind some of the most iconic metal logos in the world, and has designed for Metallica, Emperor, and even Rihanna.

Christophe illustrated the ‘Your Divinity Lies Within’ lettering, and the shirt also includes an illustration of the winged solar disk of the Egyptian / Thelemic pantheon, depicting the principle of Hadit—“the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star”.

Available in sizes S–XL, screen printed on black 100% cotton unisex t-shirts using water-based inks. These are a limited print run of 49 available.

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Foiled print

iii. Agathodaimon Print

A print inspired by the Agathodaimon, meaning “noble spirit” in Greek. The Agathodaimon here is depicted as the Lion-Serpent, and the Greco-Egyptian solar icon known as Chnoubis, who was commonly found carved into gems with the god of silence—Harpocrates, carved into the reverse.

This image was also known as Ialdabaoth to the Gnostics, which translates to “child from the egg of chaos” and the “spirit of matter”. And to Plato—the benevolent creator god of the material realm known as the Demiurge, which means “artisan”.

The ancient images of Chnoubis also commonly depict seven rays or stars which represent the seven colours of the rainbow, and the seven classical planets. The stars here are printed in metallic gold foil.

Available in A4 sized prints with gold foiled details.

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Limited to 99

iv. Abraxas Stone Pin

Created from a tracing of an antique Abraxas stone. The letters around the edge of the design are Greek—“ΣΕΜΕΣ ΕΙΛΑΜ” meaning El Sol Eterno—Eternal Sun, and at the bottom—the magical formula “ΙΑΩ” depicting a three-fold process of creation, destruction, and regeneration.

Abraxas is the name given to the composite figure of a God with the head of a rooster, the armoured body of a man, with legs of serpents, and wielding a shield and a scourge. These stones were used in ancient times as magical talismans or amulets for luck and protection.

Antique silver coloured die struck metal pin badge with black rubber clutch backing.

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About the collection

For a very long time, the serpent has been feared and rejected as a symbol of evil. Some anthropologists believe that because snakes were the first predator of primates, that this explains why the fear of snakes is so prevalent in humans. And this may be the reason it has also come to be a symbol of initiation and rebirth—precisely because of its association with death.

But the serpent is also a symbol of freedom, renewal, and the generative life force. And because they shed their skin, they’re also a symbol of healing and immortality.

The Wisdom of the Serpent collection is about venerating the initiator and liberator who asks us to “know thyself”. The one who shows the way to hidden things and challenges us to go beyond our self-imposed limits. The serpent that is the creative spark that lies in every single one of us—willing us forth with force and fire to rise, cast off the shackles of a dying aeon, and dance with divinity.

It’s for both the enchanter and the enchanted. For those who bask in the light of the sun and shed their skin when it feels too tight. It’s for those who are enraptured with the mysteries, and it’s for the lovers of existence itself.

An engraving of an Ouroboros by Lucas Jennis.

An engraving of an Ouroboros by Lucas Jennis, from De Lapide Philosophico (1625). A symbol of the eternal unity of all things, and the cycle of death and rebirth.

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