Your Divinity Lies Within Tee

Temple of Heresy’s first collaboration piece—with iconic metal band logo artist, Christophe Szpajdel, who drew the lettering in this design.

Beneath the lettering is an illustration by Temple of Heresy depicting a principle from the Egyptian-Thelemic pantheon—Hadit. Hadit here is depicted as the winged solar disk, commonly recognised as an ancient Egyptian symbol of royalty. The winged sun disk was also found in Mesopotamia and it transcribes from Anatolian hieroglyphs into Latin as “Sol Suus”, meaning “his own self, the Sun” and “His Majesty”.

Hadit is also motion, life, and the giver of life; and Hadit goes forth giving life to everything in the cosmos. Hadit is the fiery kundalini serpent, eternal energy, and the secret seed residing within.

We are the vehicle and perspective of this life force, and Hadit represents the omnipresent point that lies at the core. The hidden Self, and the Universe experiencing itself through you and I.

In the centre is the unicursal hexagram—a holy symbol of Thelema; symbolic of magick, humankind’s union with the divine, and the five-petalled rose symbolic of both a pentagram and the divine feminine.

Available in sizes S–XL (check size guide for measurements), screen printed on black 100% cotton unisex t-shirts. These are a limited print run with 49 available.


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